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Natural Black Obsidian Wand/High Quality Black Obsidian Point Wand/Crystal Gemstone Obsidian Wand Handle/Root Chakra Healing/AAA

Natural Black Obsidian Wand/High Quality Black Obsidian Point Wand/Crystal Gemstone Obsidian Wand Handle/Root Chakra Healing/AAA

black obsidian crystal quartz wand witchy wedding bouquet handle

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* They are natural crystal, please accept that they are not "perfect", they may have natural cracks and patterns.

Size & Fit:
1: 292g, 9 * 1.7 inches
2: 374g, 9.7 * 1.8 inches
3: 341g, 8.8 * 2 inches
4: 299g, 8 * 2 inches
5: 351g, 9 * 1.9 inches
6: 241g, 7.4 * 1.9 inches
7: 385g, 9.9 * 2 inches
8: 305g, 8 * 1.9 inches
9: 319g, 9.2 * 1.7 inches
10: 427g, 10.1 * 1.9 inches

Materials: Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is known as a protection stone, the regal warrior of stones. It has been used since ancient times to ward off darker energies and provide spiritual protection. This potent gemstone works with your body to create an energy shield that helps protect you from negative influences.
The black obsidian healing properties hold great power for those seeking transformation and self-growth. Its dark hue reflects its ability to help one move through difficult emotions, allowing deeper healing processes to take place. Working with this crystal can be done in many ways – meditating with it, wearing jewelry made from it, or placing it on various parts of your body during a variety of healing layouts.
Black obsidian comes with many healing properties and benefits. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking energetic healing, as it can help to open up the root chakra, the energy center that connects us all to the earth. The mineral kingdom of black obsidian stones is strong; they are known for their cleansing ritual capabilities and aid in connecting deeply with our inner selves.

Due to the nature of the stones/crystal, every item is unique, so you can only order 1 of each item. However, we often have similar or matching items, but each stone is subject to slight variations. So if you want an order special, please contact us. Also, we will double check your item before we send it to you.
*The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

*Please leave us a phone number for international delivery if it possible.
*Please do not use a PO BOX address.
We offer 1-3 days dispatch on all of our products and shipping global. 
*When you receive a package damaged or the delivery time exceeded,please contact us directly.

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